Once you have released the hemp ties to your new stress-free Sippie Clippie™ , take it out and love that you no longer have to worry about your toddler's cup on the floor!

Simply push down on the lock lever and open the clamp with your other hand. Put the clamp on your table or high chair and squeeze the handle a few times until it has closed all the way on the table or high chair. The rubber feet will help keep the clamp in place.

Next, take the rope and push the toggle in at the end of the rope and open it up to make a large loop. Wrap the loop around your sippy cup and tighten the rope by pushing the toggle in and pulling the cord through the toggle loop to secure the cup.

Give the sippy cup a test try to make sure the cord is fit securely around the sippy cup. Retrieve the cup without having to get out of your chair.

Lastly, watch your child throw the cup and pat yourself on the back for beating them at their own game ;)


The Sippie Clippie pitched by Cara Brzezicki. The best product for parents! Preventing sippy cups from hitting the floor! www.JazzieBeans.com