Finally, your kids do not have to be scared of the automatic flusher anymore! The Flusher Blocker™ is a reusable vinyl decal that sticks on the sensor to prevent the automatic flusher from flushing while you are sitting. This is can be used for anyone who does not like the toilet flushing while they are sitting.

It helps reduce water and the Flusher Blocker™ is reusable!

Preventing sippy cups from hitting the ground is a daily battle between toddler and parent. Meet the Sippie Clippie™ , a patented clamp and cord device to prevent sippy cups from hitting the floor. The Sippie Clippie™ allows the parent to enjoy a meal without worrying about their toddler throwing their sippy cup to the floor. Of course they still will throw their sippy cup, but at least you can keep calm knowing that the cup is not on the floor. Also, with the cord attached to the cup, it is easily retrievable without having to get up and pick up the cup.



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Environmentally Friendly

Because the environment is so important, the clamp is made from recycled plastic. The packaging is made from recycled chip board and the ties on the packaging are made from hemp. The majority of the materials are made here in the US and everything is assembled in the US with a lot of love.