Cara and her family when her boys were a bit younger, with little Jazzie Beans in the middle

 Cara and her family when her boys were a bit younger, with little Jazzie Beans in the middle

The Sippie Clippie™ was created by Cara Brzezicki, a wife, and a mom of two boys. Her business name is Jazzie Beans™ and it was chosen because before Cara was married and had her two boys, she had her little Shih-Tzu/Maltese mix, Jazzie Beans. Since Jazzie Beans is her only girl, and she is such a happy dog, Cara thought that Jazzie Beans™ was the perfect name for her business. She wants to show happiness and compassion within her everyday life as well as in her business.

She created the Sippie Clippie™ when her first son was 6 months old. He thought it was such a fun game to throw his sippy cup. it always landed on the floor and most sippy cups leaked causing a mess on the floor. Quite annoying!! The first time it seemed like it was an accident until it became a game.

Cara and her husband, Corey, had a unique table that would not allow other products to work. They would not work on the high chair table either. Cara decided to buy a clamp from the hardware store, drill a hole in it and attach a cord and hair tie. She took it out in public and received so much feedback that she decided she was on to something. She even used her first "make-shift" prototype for her second son. She filed for a provisional patent and created her first prototype. Her non-provisional patent has been filed and is in the patent office! After a few trials, she created the latest prototype and now the Sippie Clippie™ is almost ready for production.

The final product will be made in the US from recycled plastic. The packaging is made with recycled chip board and the ties are made from hemp. Cara loves the environment and she absolutely loves animals. The less plastic waste we produce, the better the oceans and all of our land is. it is very important for Cara to keep the manufacturing and production in the US and to use recycled materials whenever possible. "What good is having money if you do not have a planet to enjoy it" ~ Cara Brzezicki