The Sippie Clippie ™ was created by Cara Brzezicki, a wife, and a mom of two boys. Her business name Jazzie Beans ™ was chosen because before Cara was married and had her two boys, she had her little Shih-tzu/Maltese mix, Jazzie Beans.  Since Jazzie Beans is her only girl, and she is such a happy dog, Cara thought that Jazzie Beans ™ was the perfect name for her business. She wants to show happiness and compassion within her everyday life as well as in her business.

She created the Sippie Clippie ™ when her first son was 6 months old. He thought it was such a fun game to throw his sippy cup. It always landed on the floor and most sippy cups leaked causing a mess on the floor. Quite annoying!! The first time it seemed like it was an accident until it became a game. Cara and her husband, Corey, had a unique table that would not allow other products to work. Cara decided to grab a clamp and drill a hole in it and attach a cord. She took it out in public and received so much feedback that she decided that she was on to something. She filed for a provisional patent and created her first prototype. After a few trials, she created the latest prototype and now the Sippie Clippie ™ is almost ready for production.


Cara and her family when her boys were a bit younger, with little Jazzie Beans in the middle